AI Based Applications

Artificial Intelligence is a sub-domain of computer science that enables a machine to act in the same way as humans do. Our solutions help teach machines efficient decision making to improve the system.

Myriad of Digital Solutions


Develop an elevated mechanism that reduces systematic error and increases conversion rates.


Machine Learning algorithms upgrade your systems to enhance company interface that has direct positive affect on productivity.


AI framework ensures a logical and proper distribution of resources which produces optimum results.

Target Units

Decision Making

Portfolio Management


Decision Making

Smart algorithmic trading allows companies to make trade and economic decisions at a lightning speed without Human Interference.

Portfolio Management

Enable automatic profiling of risk tolerance of users, and set up investment goals which adjust in real time according to market competency.


Reform security system to predict an end user?s likelihood to cause default or attempt fraud.

Supported Languages

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    Ruby on Rails


Dynamic Price Modeling

Real-time Predictive Analysis

Decision Support Systems

Natural Language Processing

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