Chief Product Officer


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Responsible to facilitate communication across the company and act as a supervisor to product leads who are responsible for the development, UX and marketing, etc. also responsible for managing cross-functional teams
  • Responsible for the “why” of the product and what to build next, CPO ensures in line with business objectives and makes adjustments when necessary
  • Deeply understand the problems, needs, and desires of the customers
  • Identify proper positioning in the market
  • Responsible for make objectives, data-driven decisions, and define the metrics related to the product performance, and track them on an ongoing basis
  • As a CPO some metrics might oversee that include (revenue and profits, user activity & engagement within the product)
  • Responsible to evaluate whether products or specific features have reached product/market fit through quantitative and qualitative data

Skills & Requirements

  • Strong customer focus
  • Ability to break down broad goals and long-term strategies into manageable tasks
  • Strategic thinker
  • Creative in forging unconventional methods
  • Problem solver

Qualification & Experience

  • Master’s in Software Engineering, Design or business management, or any other related field
  • 5- 10 Years

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