Chief Revenue Officer


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Developing and communicating growth strategies with CEO and governing body
  • Setting up the process of generating revenue, coordinating all company activities that generate revenue
  • Unifying processes to offer the customer the best experience possible, which keeps them coming back
  • Integrating sales and marketing as well as any other process that maximizes the returns on marketing investment
  • Monitor all the revenue streams and adjust as necessary
  • Forecasting revenue generation and the strategies required and planning accordingly
  • Developing comprehensive revenue projections
  • Participating in strategic and business unit planning
  • Participating in contractual negotiations
  • Maintaining communication and relationships across organizational functions in order to work with different departments and manage the revenue generation through those departments
  • Clearly identifying micro-markets and creating specific products targeting those markets
  • Creating a pricing strategy to target those micro-markets so that the highest possible return is generated

Skills & Requirements

  • Experienced in diversified leadership roles, driving & implementing growth revenue
  • Proven track record of growing revenue through new product development, marketing, branding, and partnerships
  • Ability to craft and execute a business strategy
  • History of decision-making based on business metrics
  • Strong technical experience with Salesforce and other commercial tools

Qualification & Experience

  • MBA or equivalent advanced degree
  • 5 - 10 Years

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