AI Career Paths and Future Market Trends in AI

If you are planning to start your career in AI and want to know the career growth and market trends in AI then you are on the right page. Yeah! Here we shall discuss the learning paths and career growth specifically in the AI domain. So there are three types of professionals i.e: new to the field, programmers, and those who have already experience in data science. Various tech companies require different skill sets but specifically for AI, you should have great communication skills along with mathematics and computing skills if you want to stay in the AI domain. Those who are new in this domain should be good with mathematics and should have knowledge of all courses in machine learning. And to grow in the AI field you should have strong programming skills and an understanding of algorithms. And if you are already a coder or a programmer and want to move into AI then you can start it with algorithms and write code for it. And for the data scientists growing in AI and who want to cross the bridge to machine learning then you should have an idea of how to prepare data, product knowledge, strong communication skills, and should be efficient at model building and visualization. So it does not matter from where you are starting or planning, you will learn constantly in the AI field. So you can’t stop learning from basic to advance.

With the innovation in AI and ML applications, almost every business is getting the benefit of this technology, here are a few of the industries that have the highest aptitude in AI-based applications.

From the above reckoning, it can be observed that the trend of AI applications is fast-paced in different businesses where the processes have been automated which were manually operated earlier. Although it will eliminate the manpower from these processes but concurrently facilitate the configurability of human resources to higher levels. Hence it’s a positive situation for both business and manpower.

Now it’s a suitable time for professionals who want to start a career in the AI domain. Most of the new tech start-ups are also hiring AI professionals in significant roles. Over the past few years, there can be seen incredible growth in the AI domain and now the demand for AI professionals has been increased in the market. The AI market is forecast to grow speedily worldwide in the coming years predicted to reach 126 billion U.S dollars by the year 2025.

When searching for high-demand jobs, some of the core skills and requirements are mandatory to follow. Some of these positions require proficiency in certain technologies i.e: deep learning, natural language processing, mathematics, computing skills plus years of experience. Although it’s not easy to learn these skills or is not as simple to learn over a weekend or casually learn these skills. If you are interested in learning these skills, many universities are offering courses in ML (Machine Learning) and other AI techniques. And many universities have authorization with well-known AI vendors to teach students how to work with AI projects. Also, you can get online training in the AI concepts, platforms, and techniques which is inexpensive, offered directly by many AI and analytics vendors. You can add these certifications to your resume or LinkedIn profiles. So knowing these factors can help you to get ready yourself to enter the AI domain and plan your career in this domain. So you don’t need to wait anymore, you can go for online certifications or can get a course from a well-known university to grab the available AI career opportunities. This is the time to take off on the next step and establish your career in the AI domain.

Most people aren’t aware thinking can be addictive. When we’re not actively engaging in the world around us, thinking can give us a feeling of importance and significance. If we’re not thinking about ourselves and our lives, who else will? If our problems weren’t important enough to be constantly thinking about – what would that say about us? About our lives?

When the thoughts are positive, it’s not such a bad thing. But when the thinking is constantly negative, the impact can be detrimental. To a person’s self-esteem, how they experience the world and their life in general. Negative people are hard to be around – meaning many people avoid them. The only people who will hang out with them are other negative people. But even negative people become tired of other negative people’s company. Leaving negative people to often feel isolated and sometimes even resentful of the world they live in. Living in a never-ending cycle of pessimism, loneliness, disappointment, and confusion as to why they’re not fitting in.

To help you gain a better understanding of your own thinking, and how to improve it, here are few traits of positive and negative thinkers:

1. Adventure vs Certainty

Negative thinkers fear change. Any deviation from their plan causes them to get stressed. A feeling they avoid at all costs. They like having the certainty of familiarity. They find their comfort zone very comfortable, happy to stay there to avoid the pain of change. Unfortunately, this limits them on so many different levels. Not only do they not grow, learn and develop as an individual, but they do not get to experience much of the beauty this world has to offer.

Positive people tend to look at life as one big adventure. They like new experiences and live by the motto ‘variety is the spice of life. They like to push themselves out of their comfort zone and focus on the pleasure gained from doing something different rather than the pain. They view change as an opportunity to grow rather than a loss of control.

2. Celebrate Strengths vs Expose Weaknesses

Positive people appreciate and celebrate the strengths and successes of other people. They can do this because they are positive about their own identity and value. They focus on their own strengths and accept their weaknesses – realizing they’re not perfect and there’s no point in beating themselves up about it. Positive people don’t believe in destiny. They take control of their lives and make things happen. They set goals and take action to achieve them. They are the CEO of their life.

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