Is IT a Life-changing Industry?

  • Khalid Javed

  • Jan 01, 2022


In the early 21st century, people used to say that if you want to succeed in your practical life, you MUST choose the following professions.

1- Doctors
2- Engineers
3- Accountant (Most precisely Chartered Accountant)

But with the invention and innovation of Information Technology, there is a drift change in the list. But it amazed me when I googled the best professions globally, I got the following results.

1- Chocolate Consultant
2- Beer Tester
3- Lego Sculptor. Hahaha.

Well, jokes apart, there is a sudden change in the list, the new Entrants are entering and somehow dominating it. If you would explore the top richest persons on the Forbes list, you realize that the top persons are from the following professions:

1- Information Technology
2- Information Technology
3- Information Technology………

Further advancement in IT will lead to toppling the list and probably you will see all the Tech genies dominating it with clear margins. Even during the pandemic, the industries which are booming, are

1- IT
2- IT
3- Logistics

(P.S: IT industry has somehow earned more numbers than any other industry so it indulges me to do it, for placing them on number 1 and number 2 simultaneously). No.3 is just to make it more realistic. IT industry not only changing the lives of its users but also changing the lifestyle of its creators too. From having nothing to entering the Billionaires club. The professionals from the following companies are some examples.

1- Microsoft
2- Facebook
3- Amazon

In the beginning, I was under the impression that the IT industry is only relating to computers, software, and Hardware. But with passing time and getting more mature in knowledge and experience, it made me realize in no time that it is a Galaxy and C-S-H (Computer-Software-Hardware) are the planets (but very important ones) and others are depending on them. It is very hard to find any organization or profession where an IT application cannot fit in. Hospitals, factories, retail stores, restaurants, logistics, hospitality even the education industry is now depending on it (Not only for studies but for their operations). IT is proving as “Part and Parcell” for every industry, you cannot neglect its inclusion.

If we may overlook the drawbacks of using IT extensively, which is very hard to digest, then the application of IT should be in every aspect of life. In simple words, I can say that we can not overlook the idea behind “NOT TO USE IT APPLICATIONS IN ANY PART OF DAILY USE”. I am not a very Tech Genie guy, but I know some simple calculations that if you need to make your future bright in the IT industry, you need to focus on the following applications, and these are related to no other than MR/MRS IT. (don’t want to be offended)

1- Machine Learning and Data Science
2- Blockchain
3- AI Applications


I am a bit analytical, so at the time I joined Programers Force, I had to make some early adjustments with my routine, knowledge, and experience, as I am not from an IT or CS background. So, I did some research (which I am still doing) that how these Tech houses established themselves at this level within no time. The answer to that is “The Advancement, Innovation, Invention, Consistency, Hard work and keeping up to date with the latest trends within the industry”. MASHALLAH, from 1 product to multiple products and from a single office to multiple ventures on different localities is the answer to the title of this blog.
Have a peaceful day, Cheers!