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  • Jun 27, 2023

Is Artificial Intelligence The Future of Mobile App Development?

The advent of artificial intelligence is causing a radical transformation in the world of technology. In 2023, the complete tech industry is stormed by new AI tools for almost every type of operation, be it image processing, text generation or even video processing. ChatGPT is one of the prime examples in the world of AI tools. For mobile app development, AI brings many new possibilities that can take applications to a new level. According to Statista, AI is a major subject of interest for most people worldwide, and the market size is expected to cross $100 billion by 2030. This blog will revolve around the importance of AI in the mobile app development world and will explain how businesses can implement AI to revamp their existing mobile applications. 

How AI is Revolutionising Mobile App Development?

As AI dominates almost every area of software development, mobile app development is no exception. Tech giants have started providing AI-powered tools and technologies in their mobile app development environments to speed-up application performance, data processing and features. Google has introduced innovative machine learning tools that let developers supercharge their applications with powerful features of image, sound and text processing. The ML Software Development Kit (ML SDK) is the latest addition to the Android Studio environment. On the other hand, Apple is also in the same line with powerful machine learning tools such as Core ML that come built-in in the iOS app development environments. Overall, artificial intelligence is reshaping the whole mobile app development landscape and replacing old ways of creating applications, coding and utilization of mobile hardware. 

The 5 Best Features AI-Integrated Development Offers

As mobile app development is changing with the latest innovation and modern practices of automated code debugging, feature development, image and text recognition and much more, the following paragraphs will discuss the top 5 best AI-integrated solutions for modern mobile app development with all artificial intelligence future trends for mobile development. 

Artificial Intelligence Infographic

Meeting Consumer Needs

As people all over the world are sharing their thoughts and stories on digital platforms and social media applications. The market is getting increasingly competitive with new features within these types of applications. Meeting customer demands is the main focus of every online business out there. To achieve this objective, businesses need to make sure they use the best and fastest mobile app development technologies to make their mark in the digital world. AI is the only option left, as it allows firms especially startups to get a kickstart in their application development journey. As the tools and technologies are improving, every artificial intelligence app development company provides a solid way to create applications with the least amount of resources to carry out various operations such as code refactoring, debugging and product optimisation. 

Optimised Development

With artificial intelligence, developers can supercharge their applications as per user searches and queries. The trending technology allows businesses to optimize their development with respect to the most requested user query. For instance, FinTech firms can implement in-app customer identity verification solutions as it is one of the top requested features by most people who use online banking. AI, when integrated into an application, analyzes user interactions and creates patterns depending on their usage. It also identifies key areas where users log out of the app and what they want to be added in the next update. 

Translation On-the-go

Mobile applications need to cover a wide range of audiences and should not be limited to a specific region or country. This creates a language barrier which negatively impacts business growth. Artificial intelligence also bridges this gap by allowing businesses to translate into a wide range of languages on the go. For instance, a business application which targets the global market needs an accurate implementation of language models that translates one language to another in real-time. The entry of Large Language Models (LLM), which is used primarily by ChatGPT, allows businesses to easily ensure language translation without explicitly coding API solutions for each language globally 

Improved Customer Security

Artificial intelligence is playing an integral role in the world of cybersecurity. It allows businesses to implement fast and accurate security solutions right within their mobile applications. Using biometrics, when paired with artificial intelligence, allows firms to create secure and fast solutions. All the baking applications use facial recognition, fingerprints and other ways of verifying user identity. When paired with AI, all these processes get major enhancements and become much more reliable. 

Faster App Development

As mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence allows businesses to create scalable and fast mobile apps. Regarding development time and speed, AI overtakes traditional programming here as well. With the proper implementation of machine learning algorithms and tools, businesses can create high-performing apps quickly. AI-powered development environments give suggestions and recommendations at each step of application development, from creating mobile user interfaces to implementing business logic within the system.

How Programmers Force Can Help

Mobile app development is getting revamped with the addition of artificial intelligence. AI improves every process at each phase of the development lifecycle. Machine learning algorithms analyze application development patterns and give major recommendations on the next steps. Startups that operate in the non-tech field face a challenge in AI mobile app development. The Programmers Force is a leading software development agency that provides AI-powered mobile application development solutions to businesses that help them kickstart their operations and give them a significant boost in the tech industry. Contact us now to get a complete guide on how we use the power of artificial intelligence in modern application development operations.