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  • May 30, 2024

Programmers Force to Unveil AI Innovations at GITEX AFRICA 2024

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Lahore, Pakistan – May 23, 2024 – Pakistan’s first AI tech company, Programmers Force, gears up to mark its presence at GITEX AFRICA 2024, happening between 29-31 May 2024 in Morocco. Business Analyst at PF, Raja Haris, will represent PF at the event while showcasing the company’s 7+ products spanning from Fintech to Regtech industries, transforming businesses and impacting millions of lives worldwide. 

With the evolution of the digital landscape, Programmers Force continues to inspire with advanced solutions that employ AI power to reevaluate how companies function and engage with their markets.

Raja Haris will be available for one-on-one meetings to interact with the event attendees. Interested parties are welcome to book a meeting by clicking on this link to learn more about how PF can tailor artificial intelligence solutions to fulfill their needs in the best possible way.  

This year, Programmers Force will showcase its recent achievements in AI tech, created to enhance efficiency, optimize decision-making processes, and innovate complicated operations. “Being a part of the GITEX AFRICA, we will be able to demonstrate the depth and breadth of our AI tech capabilities,” said Raja Haris. “We are set to highlight our newest developments in the sector and discuss how they can solve real-world business problems.”

To meet and engage with the innovators at PF, visit booth# 21C-01 and exchange your transformative ideas. GITEX Africa attendees will have an opportunity to discover the true potential of AI, from facial recognition to business verification to infrastructures, and learn how PF is making an impact in the global tech industry.

About Programmers Force

Programmers Force is the country’s first AI-based tech company committed to developing AI-powered solutions that empower governments and businesses to fast-track the digital-first movement. The company envisioned fostering a creative and collaborative environment for its team members of 1,000+ innovators, driving feasible and dynamic innovations. PF encourages startups and enterprises by introducing AI and software-as-a-service solutions that redefine the technology sector. The company has launched 7+ products worldwide, equipping its clientele with the solutions for full-scale tech adoption, ensuring they get a competitive edge in the digital landscape.


For further information, please contact:

Raja Haris
Senior Business Analyst | PF
Email: [email protected] 
Contact no: +92 324 6620598