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Trainee Program

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Rewards and Celebrations: Your Path to Excellence and Enjoyment

At Programmers Force, we believe in recognizing hard work and creating a workplace where our team members thrive not only professionally but also personally. We understand that a fulfilling work-life balance is essential, and that's why we offer a range of exciting rewards and celebrations that make every moment at Programmers Force special.

Car and Bike Rewards

We value your dedication and contribution to our success. Through our performance-based rewards program, we offer you the opportunity to choose between luxurious cars and high-powered bikes. Imagine cruising in style, courtesy of your outstanding efforts.

How It Works:

Your achievements and milestones at Programmers Force pave the way for you to enjoy these incredible rewards. The more you excel, the closer you get to the keys of your dream vehicle.

Contributing to Education: Empowering the Future

At Programmers Force, we are committed not only to technological innovation but also to positively impacting society. One of the ways we do this is by actively contributing to education and empowering the future generation of thinkers and creators.

Training Procedure

What our Trainees are saying

The “How & What” behind the
Trainee Program


Get an advanced level of knowledge on how to code, create and build web or mobile applications. Our experts will help you build real-world projects that will accelerate your career.

Design (UI/UX, Graphic, Animation)

Are you passionate and persistent and looking for a career in Design? From Graphic, UI/UX to Motion Design, Animation, get the guidance on how to become a design geek in these three months

Marketing and SEO

SEO techniques, latest digital tools, content writing, social media marketing and marketing skills. Yes! You read it right, that’s what our team of experts are capable of and that’s exactly what they’re here to teach you.


Do you want to learn how to create beautiful websites and blogs? Our professional WordPress Developers are here to help.

Data Science

Do you know? Programmers Force is an AI-Based Tech startup! Want to know more about Data Visualisation, Query languages and NoSQL databases? Learn from the experts in AI and Data Science.


What is DevOps? How should you transition to it, and which technologies matter? This Trainee Program answers those questions and more.


Maintaining the quality of your product is a very crucial part of software development. From basics of SQA to becoming an expert at Programmers Force our professionals will guide you through every step.

Human Resource

Learn how to acquire and develop talent and to motivate. Get a grasp of the work that goes into building a better organisation for employees.

Ethical Hacking

This training will start you down the path of becoming an Ethical Hacker, or in other words; become a “Security Profiler.” You will learn to start thinking and looking at your network through the eyes of malicious attackers.


What is the criteria for Trainee Program?

Our minimum criteria for the Trainee Program is graduation from a reputed university.

What is the process of selection in the Trainee Program

1. Registration
2. Screening of Applications
3. Initial Telephonic Interviews
4. Test
5. Final Interview
6. Offer

How can we join PF as a Trainee?

To join PF as a Trainee, you can closely follow our social media platforms/Programmers Force Trainee Program for announcements regarding upcoming Trainee Batches

Is this an internship?

Due to the nature of our work, we do not normally offer short-term internships. This is a Three months extensive Trainee Program, which might lead to a Full-time job.

How does the training program work?

This is a three months extensive Training for fresh graduates by highly qualified professionals. At the completion of the trainee batch, successful candidates will be offered a highly competitive job at Programmers Force.

Do we charge any fee for the training program?

This is a free of cost training program and we don’t charge any fee for it.

What if I am not contacted after applying for a field in the Trainee Program?

All applications are subject to crucial screening, candidates meeting the minimum criteria are contacted for the initial test/interview. Our recruitment team carefully evaluates every application and candidates are called on merit.

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